Foreign languages

area members

  • Claudia Del Pilar Pinzón
  • Sandra Milena Correal
  • Camila Andrea  Millán
  • Hernán Darío Cifuentes
  • Javier Armando Sierra
  • Diego Alberto Paternina
  • Lina María Durán
  • Daniel Enrique Peña
  • Stephania Uribe Londoño
  • María Camila Carvajal
  • Yehimy Carolina Bernal
  • Raquel Marquina Rujano

area description

Due to the missionary character of the Lhemi, the foreign languages department aims at students’ human and Christian formation.  Taking as a referent the values inherited from the patron Saint Jean Baptist De La Salle and the Saint Brother Michael, this formative process is based on the basis of integral formation as an active element in the process of biological, cognitive, physical, psychological, social, human and cultural development. From teaching, the development and use of the target languages are promoted through exploration and improvement of communicative and intercultural competences, within different contexts other than the classroom. This implies that those responsible are not only instruments in their work, but also go along learners’ teaching and learning processes, as a starting point of prior knowledge, psychological development and Students’ socio-cultural realities.  Learning foreign languages such as English and French; contribute to broadening students’ cultural horizons. Consequently, it allows learners to communicate with a whole new universe within determined values, views of the world which in turn could complement learner’s inner world.

Liceo Hermano Miguel