For the Liceo Hermano Miguel La Salle; It is very important to welcome parents and their children through different agreements, in order to share experiences and to find options to guide their children in situations related to technology and training in skills for coexistence, that allow them to resolve and contribute to the peaceful transformation of conflicts, and the promotion of a culture of entrepreneurship; that allows them to be competitive and productive. All these purposes are achieved from a formation based on the axiology and Lasallian Christian principles.

These are some of the strategies that are proposed to continue strengthening the communication channels between parents and educators:

To constitute a plan for ongoing training on current issues on the formation of children.

To support with management processes complementary activities of the institution.

To keep working on our permanent formation in Lasallian spirituality, field trips aimed to foster a healthy coexistence and spiritual retreats for parents.

Kindergarten Agreements


  • Jardín infantil A.B.C sauzalito.
  • Jardin infantil Liceo Lowenfeld
  • Jardin infantil campanita
  • Jardin Infantil La nana guardería
  • Jardin Infantil Angeles del saber
  • Jardin infantil caminos magicos
  • Jardin Infantil Chiquilladas daycare
  • Jardin infantil jugando con yaya
  • Jardin Infantil los colores del Arco Iris
  • Liceo infantil mapi
  • Jardin infantil mi dulce encuentro
  • Jardín Infantil miska muska
  • Jardin Rainbow kindergarten
  • Jardín the kids house preschool
  • Jardín infantil cunitas y crayolas
  • Jardin Infantil Kinder Cascanueces
  • Jardín mi  Gateito
  • Jardín Grandes Genios
  • Construyendo con Gepetto
  • Jardin infantil super team kids
  • Jardín Infantil Nuevas Estrellitas creativas
  • Jardin Infantil Genios de Americas
  • Jardín infantil charles perrault
  • Jardin infantil los amigos del bosque
  • Jardin infantil don triángulo y don cuadro
  • Gimnasio seres y saberes
  • Preescolar olas de alegría
  • Jardin Infantil Mi cabañita
  • Jardin Infantil pequeñas personitas
  • Jardin infantil atelier
  • Jardin infantil Mundo mágico A.B.C
  • Jardín Infantil Preescolar zapatitos rojos
  • Jardin infantil San gabriel
  • Jardín Liceo Conquistadores de las Américas
  • Jardin Infantil Pequeños Pescadores
  • Jardín Infantil cuidados y caricias


  • Liceo los Alcazares
  • Colegio San Damian
  • Colegio los angeles helvetia
  • Gimnasio Moderno Hermann Muller


Liceo Hermano Miguel