The world today is in a constant process of economic globalization, which has generated the need of people from different nations, cultures and beliefs to interact in competitive and challenging global scenarios.

This scenario has highlighted the importance of intercultural communication, hence the English language has assumed a role of “Lingua Franca” that has allowed the establishment of economic and social relations between speakers of different languages ​​around the world, whereby the Competent English management has become a priority for many education systems worldwide.

In this sense, the Liceo Hermano Miguel La Salle has designed a bilingual education project that has as its central objective, the strengthening of students’ communication skills in the use of Spanish as their mother tongue, and of English as a foreign language, in addition to the learning of the French language that has been developed as a second foreign language in the institution, and Mandarin Chinese that was implemented extracurricularly during the first semester of the year 2018.

It is the interest of the Liceo Hermano Miguel La Salle, to offer its students all the necessary tools so that they can perform competently in academic, work and personal environments both in Colombia and abroad so that in this way they can contribute to the continuous improvement of our country from local and global perspectives.


To offer students from the Miguel La Salle High School opportunities of immersion and exchange in national and international contexts through experiences that foster intercultural interaction, academic development and Lasallian identity, as well as the use of English and French as foreign languages.


– To reinforce in the students’ processes of self recognition and construction of their personal identity within the framework of Lasallian formation.

– To promote academic, social and cultural spaces that favor the construction of critical perspectives in students in relation to local and global issues.

– To develop in students intercultural skills that allow them to have an objective understanding of time and the global context in which they find themselves.

– To strengthen the communication skills of students in the use of Spanish as their mother tongue and English and French as foreign languages.


To achieve the above purposes, the Lyceum will develop the programs described below, during the year 2018.

National Exchanges La Salle 2018

  1. Description

Taking into account the identity of the Lasallian network, the “National Exchange” program is presented as an opportunity to get to know the Lasallian educational experience in other contexts such as: Cúcuta, Bucaramanga and Cartagena, which open their doors so that the students of the Lyceum can understand their realities cultural, social, sports, religious and social contexts. During the first two weeks you can have a shared experience with another Lasallian in this region where you will live according to the dynamics of his/her family, school and city. Subsequently, the exercise will be transformed according to his/her task as guardian angel and host whose mission will be to include his Lasallian partner in the dynamics of his/her family and LHEMI.





This program seeks to offer students the opportunity to participate in an immersion experience called “Summer School for Secondary Students” which looks like a cape on the campus of the University of Mississippi from June 28th  to July 27th.  The aim of this experience is to improve students’ communication skills in the use of English as a foreign language, in addition to generate authentic intercultural academic experiences, which has become a necessity in today’s globalized world. The program offers participants the opportunity to:

  1. Study two classes in various disciplines such as engineering, journalism, health studies, intensive English, computer science and marketing among many others.
  2. Experience college life on a campus in the United States.
  3. Learn to manage your free time, study time and your own finances.
  4. Develop leadership skills and teamwork.
  5. Make friends from all parts of the world.



Intercultural immersion experience

The Brother Miguel La Salle Lyceum seeks to offer members of our educational community the opportunity to visit the European continent from the educational perspective of La Salle, apply the academic knowledge acquired during school training and learn through direct contact on related topics with the arts, foreign languages, sports, religion, society and culture.

In addition, in this experience, students have the opportunity of partial immersion, put in practice knowledge in the use of English and French as languages ​​in authentic communication contexts, practice linguistic skills throughout the program.

The participating students will live sociocultural experiences that under the guidance of their teachers will seek to generate an immediate social impact in the educational and formative context of the School, following this way the motto of our institution in the quality of our students “They are brought up and they learn”.