Social Sciences

area members

  • Gildardo Cortés González (Jefe de Área)
  • Daisy Tatiana Joya Joya
  • Diana María Castillo Rodríguez
  • Guillermo Andrés Rangel López
  • Kelly Johana Guzmán Clavijo
  • Julieth Marcela Cadena
  • Mariana Helena Suárez Mateus
  • Sebastián Guillermo Borbón de Narváez

area description

Lhemi’s Social Sciences department seeks to generate and develop constructive, social, systemic and reflective critical thinking skills in our Lasallian children and youth with the purpose of interpreting, arguing and proposing from the contexts of history, geography, politics, economics and citizenship skills, the transformation of their reality, the understanding of the current social changes and their self-recognition as active political subjects.


Democracy for Coexistence:

This project seeks to foster in the students, the understanding of their roles as citizens and autonomous political individuals, who are participative and committed to the construction of a nation through the exercise of community and deliberative work and their participation in the formation of a culture of peace in the process of forming the School Government.

The History Club:

The History Club was born as an autonomous project of social sciences teachers, who since 2015 have consolidated a space where students of 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th grade have developed exercises in which content and reflection have generated the social construction of historical memory, social research and geopolitical and geo-economic analysis in the field of humanities, what have fostered in the students, interest for research and social commitment in their immediate contexts.

Liceo Hermano Miguel