Religious School Education

area members

  • Hno. César Carvajal
  • Hno. Prenovicio Jesús Morales
  • Hno.  Prenovicio Brayan Izassa
  • Paola Pérez
  • Alexander Rincón
  • Edgar Antonio Thomas
  • Jhon Jairo Gélvez
  • Daniel Fuentes

area description

The Religious School Education subject has a great impact on the academic life of the students, since, because of its confessional nature, it looks for a human formation in the children and young people of the Lhemi. This happens through the purposes of each grade, that are aimed to build a life project that responds to the needs of society and the personal fulfillment of each student. That is why, in a cooperative way with Pastoral, we work for the awareness and development of the human dimensions: Spiritual, intellectual, affective, ethical, communicative, aesthetic and social.

Description of the subject project:

The subject has been working for 5 years on the expo-values ​​project, which aims to form and cultivate values ​​from a personal and social level. It is an activity that fosters different cooperative actions, for its development each course is assigned to work on specific Lasallian values what has a silent impact in the school environment. Likewise, the formation in peace culture has been worked for several years, responding to decree 1038 of the MEN, which seeks to form students in peace environments.

Liceo Hermano Miguel