Physics, robotics and automation

area members

  • Yeimmy Paola Quilagüy
  • Nicolle Alexandra Rodríguez
  • Martha Liliana Garzón
  • Diego Fernando Vera
  • Jhon Harrison Barón
  • Daniel Esteban Parra

area description

The objective of the ​​physics and technology department is to form human and Christian citizens who are capable of observing reality and natural phenomena from a scientific perspective, privileging attitudes of rigor, systematicity and curiosity when making inferences and deductions. In addition, to make these citizens competent to transfer the ways they think, face and resolve problem situations in the context of physics, to the situations of their daily lives and work. Also, to provide conceptual elements (Knowledge) and technical (procedures) that enhance their motor skills for an adequate expression and communication of ideas in the technological world that surrounds us. Finally, to provide basic elements in the process of managing technologies, technical processes and ICTs that meet an accurate analysis of probabilities, generation of proposals for innovation and solution of real-life situations.

Liceo Hermano Miguel