Physical Education

area members

  • Carlos Arturo García Aguirre
  • Jersson Delgado Acosta
  • Albert Cifuentes Murcia
  • Calos Arturo Forero Cuervo

area description

DEVELOPMENT OF THE COMMUNICATIVE SKILL: We explain the inherent aspects of the composition, structuration and execution of the movement, and the biomechanical and physiological phenomena in the realization of physical activities, recognizing the importance of these elements to the improvement of the students’ health and social performance.

DEVELOPMENT OF TECHNOLOGICAL THINKING: We apply the perceptive motor, physical motor and conceptual elements related to the composition, structuring and execution of movement and biomechanical and physiological phenomena in problem situations that require body responses to propose alternatives and solution strategies. DEVELOPMENT OF THE SCIENTIFIC THINKING: We develop the capacity of the person to: give meaning to the information inherent to the composition, structuration and execution of the movement, and the use of corporality as a tool for social interaction and problem solving in their daily lives. HUMAN AND CHRISTIAN FORMATION: Our students demonstrate Lasallian attitudes, habits and values ​​(faith, fraternity, service, justice and commitment) that together allow an assertive interaction and performance in society.

Department projects

USE OF FREE TIME  Objective: To promote academic, artistic and sports spaces that contribute to the integral formation of the students of the School, through the implementation of programs that stimulate the development of abilities and skills, framed within the Lasallian philosophy. GYMNASTIC AND CULTURAL EXHIBITION  General Objective: The gymnastic and cultural exhibition of the Lhemi has the intention of consolidating in a single event the processes that are developed in the physical education class, starting by the Lasallian students in pre-school grade and culminating with the fully formed students in eleventh grade. The gymnastic and cultural exhibition is a great celebration of the Lasallian family at Lhemi that strengthens the unity and sense of belonging of all the community.

Specific objectives

·         To guide the process of motor irradiation, developed with children in all grades, parents and all the community in general terms. ·         To stimulate the sense of belonging in all the educative community through the activities developed in the pedagogical activity.

·         To establish in a clear way the importance for the institution of the processes of motor development in all stages of the formation of the students while complementing all the other formative axes.

·         To allow this event to continue being a great opportunity to reunite the entire Lhemi family, being the great annual event that we all look forward for.

Liceo Hermano Miguel