area members

  • Andrea Pardo Durana
  • Angélica Suarez Enciso
  • Javier Ignacio Rodríguez Blanco
  • Jhonnathan Bohórquez Esguerra
  • Julián Rodríguez Blanco
  • Katheryn Milena Vallejos Bautista
  • Laura Fernanda García Rodríguez
  • William Fernando Montilla Niño

area description

The arts education program is made up by three main disciplines; plastic arts, music and dance, which have as main purpose is to use art as a tool to integrally form the whole community. That’s why one of the great paths of the department is to face possible problems of each one of the students as social beings framed in a real and current context, understanding, proposing and transforming in the middle of the research and creation exercise.

The work developed in the department is aimed to the development of technical and conceptual quality in the creation of: drawings, paintings, objects, collages, photography, performances, among others, finding in some way the transformation of materials, ideas and our environment having as a cornerstone the history of universal art framed in our own lives.

Our traditions exploration allows Lhemi’s students to recognize their environment and to live the history of the country from the creations developed in the classroom. To do it, the artistic education department develops different skills such as: transversal knowledge in the context of the problem solving, assertive communication and constructive criticism, the ability to understand the world autonomously, team work with responsibility and ethics, creative and entrepreneurial skills based on original ideas and creation of artistic personal projects.

Added to the previous processes, the department of ​​artistic education has also conformed different groups, such as: the school choir, diverse musical groups and the dance group, which have had presentations in events developed in the school and in other contexts at national level. During the last year it has been possible to institutionalize the visual arts competitions for students, teachers and administrative staff in the annual exhibition of visual arts.

Liceo Hermano Miguel